Self-Compassion for Carers

Parents and caregivers of children that are differently wired are known to experience greater levels of stress, loneliness, and self-critical thoughts. Most caregivers would not want their children to be wired any other way, however, the experience of raising children can be overwhelming at times. This is where self-compassion comes in. Research has shown that self-compassion can lead to better outcomes for both the caregiver and the child. However, most of us have not been taught the art of self-compassion.

In this course, which is delivered fully online, you will learn:

  • How to notice the subtle self-critical thoughts
  • What is self-compassion and how to cultivate it
  • How to set-up a mindfulness practice to facilitate self-compassion

The course will be run over 4 Modules (with a recommendation to do one module each week). It will include:

  • Reading material
  •  Pre-recorded video lectures
  • Home practice suggestions
  • Pre-recorded guided meditations
  • Email contact available from Sarah when needed

There is access to the course whenever you start.


The course will be run through a learning platform called Teachable


€ 50 for the 4 modules including materials. Please contact me if there are special circumstances. I am always happy to come to a manageable agreement. 

For more information or any questions get in contact with me.


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