Group Program

Befriending Yourself – from Understanding to Actualisation

This is a 3 month program guiding you through a process of  deeply learning about yourself, accepting yourself,  developing skills to manage difficult feelings and focus on the life you would like to be living.  It is a hybrid program with online modules, group calls and individual sessions. It is designed to have you move from surviving to thriving.

The online program content consists of:

  • Understanding
    • Introducing different psychological theories to understand yourself better. This includes Attachment theory, Internal family systems theory, Polyvagal theory and more.
    • There are worksheets and exercises to deepen this understanding.
  • Self compassion
    • You will learn about shame and how to empathetically turn towards your own shame.
    • You will learn what self compassion is and what it is not.
    • There are different tools and practices to help you develop your compassionate self.
  • Self efficacy
    • From kindness towards yourself the program then moves into other tools to manage strong emotions. This includes tapping, meditation, movement, and breath work amongst others.
    • You will learn about boundaries and how to communicate your own boundaries as well as needs.
  • Self actualisation
    • There is an emphasis on your value system and how to live a life according to your own values.
    • Lastly there is a section on celebration and how to celebrate you.

Group sessions

Every two weeks there is an online group call for 90 minutes were we will discuss different topics from the program and get to share our experiences. Group work has the potential to expedite any healing work. It is like a pebble being thrown into a pond where the impact ripples out to everyone to experience their own healing. It is a safe space to share or to listen.

Individual session

Alongside the group calls there is an individual session each month, with 4 in total including the intake session. These are 50 minute sessions and can take place online or face to face.

For whom

I truly believe everyone can benefit from this process. However not everybody is ready. It does require a commitment and willingness to do the work, at times it can be confronting. It is for those people who want to thrive in life and feel like there is an invisible barrier holding them back from being their best versions of themselves. It is for those people who feel like they need healing, whatever that may mean for you.


You can start the program at anytime after January 2023. It is a rolling program, this way you will be able to benefit in the group sessions from people who are at the later stage of their journey and also give some guidance to those beginning their journey.

Group calls take place on Wednesday evening at 17:30 AMS time


The cost is €450 per month for three months or €1200 paid in a single instalment. This includes the intake session, lifetime access to the content online, 3 individual sessions, online group sessions every two weeks for the 3 months of the program and for the month after the program has finished.

For more information please contact: with the subject line Group Program.